ISKANDAR PROJECT iskandar project

water tree with atmospheric water generation

Water Tree - stand alone atmospheric water generator - harvesting water from air(AWG) to turn deserts into greenfields. Returning deserts to its previous glories by making water available for human activities.

The first of its kind in the world - Water Tree

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) designed to make available water on tap any where in the world - even in desert areas - stand alone module capable of generating its own power supply and capable of harvesting safe drinking water from the atmosphere. You can plant this water tree in desert area and see the start of resuscitating of waste land into land with trees and srubs! Just plant it and it will start to sprout! Makes it the most important invention of its time to be really able to resuscitate our desert wasteland - and there are plenty of it to speak of!

Water - the essence of life - without it will mean death and a land barren of life. So important is water that people will go to war just so as to better secure their livelihood. Nations everywhere is looking at ways to get hold of more water as their population increases. Agriculture - the basis of food security requires a huge amount of water for irrigation and if there is a lack of water, then there would not be able to produce sufficient food thus having to look for it from other countries.

Water Tree by Iskandar Project is designed for stand alone device that can support life in anywhere in the world. It is a solid state device with little or no maintainance required. Designed to stand on the elemenents of nature and also scalable to the extend that it can help water supply to a small community. When integrated to the agricultural sector, it can supply sufficient amount of water for drip irrigation, scalable to the extent to cover 10 hectares of land. Although it incorporates a solar panel to generate electricity, it can incorporate extra solar panels and wind turbine to help supply electricity on a larger scale when required.

How much water does the atmosphere hold?

Well, according to scientists, there is an estimated 36 million billion gallons of water in the atmosphere. And it also beats anything as it is also recyclable, meaning it does not deplete. So why do mankind not mine in? Yes, mankind has been mining it since the early existence but only in small quantities. A latge amount of energy has to be expanded if you are talking about million of gallons. So you will not see a large scale mining of water from the atmoshere at the present moment. But because of climatic changes in our weather system, it would become urgent to mine water from the atmosphere as our conventional water sources like rivers is running out of water as the population increases.

Do we need to do something to prevent the world from being eaten up by deserts?

At the rate is going, a third of the globe has been eaten up by deserts. A total of 21 million square miles of arid wasteland that is going to increase if no action is taken to prevent desertification. But we have to do it fast as climatic change is going to bring less rain which spells trouble for everyone. Indeed we do not have time to waste and watch and we have to do it now. One of the most promising effort is to plant Water Tree all over the desert areas to tap on water. Water is life and if you can tap on water as easily as drawing out a cigarette, then we would be able to see light at the end of the tunnel!

Water Tree from Iskandar Project is a convenient way to tap water, even in the most arid regions as water is tapped from the atmosphere, regardless of the humidity available. It is designed as a stand alone unit with its own source of energy form the sun. You can just plant them into the sand and it will start to draw out water from the air. You will then design a tree planting program making use of the water drawn from the air. Together with well designed drip-irrigation technology, you will then succeed in revitalising the wasteland into a forest region. Great actions to be taken for countries that are being threathened by desertification and climatic change.

Iskandar Project's Water Tree System is able to be scalled up to cover a large area, also giving a covering structure for young plants to survive in its infant stage. The covering structure also help in preventing the wind from blowing down the young tree. As the structure is designed with a height, it will also prevent the young plants from being covered with sand in the desert area. Water Tree from Iskandar Project is indeed designed for the deserts.

Not withstanding that it was designed for the arid regions, it is also suitable for any other area that faces water constriants for example like disaster areas where water and energy is not available. As agriculture requires a lot of water there is also a place for Water Tree to be planted in those areas. Since the Water Tree is hung from above ground level and supported by a single pole, there will not be a need to clear the land in order to place the device. Also, the Water Tree can be incorporated into vertical farming, even on a large scale as the whole thing can be scalled to cover a large area. Water Tree is conceived using advance materials and having no moving parts;is built cost effective for the purpose of extracting water from the atmosphere. It is designed to withstand desert storms and perhaps even for the moon if water is indeed available on parts of the moon.

Water Tree Farming

water tree farming

In order to bring about economies of scale, Water Tree Farming may be a better idea for desert areas. Water Tree Framework can be formed to expand on the acreage of vegetation. The framework normally form a covering for the young plants as well as a protective layer to ward off desert wind. Drip irrigation is used so as to economise on the use of water. As the Water Tree also provides electrical power, the whole set up could be be monitored from a remote area. Control can also be effected from remote area as the set up is electrified including the administrating of water and nutrient dosing. Although the device is designed for desert areas, it could also be used in other agricultural areas where manpower is lacking.

Solar Roof with Water Vapour Capture

solar roof with water vapour capture

Solar Roof Tile integrated with Atmospheric Water Generator to generate electricity and water capture. Two in One. Solar Roof/Water Capture will help in areas where there is a water shortage as it will capture water from the atmosphere on a daily basis to help supplement water. Water from the atmosphere is abundent and limitless as it is recyclable. In a way, it also help to relieve off the water supply from water treatment plants especially during drought seasons.

car roof box with solar panel and water harvesting module

Car Roof Box integrated with solar and water harvesting.

The go anywhere car that also ensure that you have enough of electricity and water. You will never have to die of thirst because this module will ensure that you get safe drinking water no matter where you go even if you are caught in the desert area or even when you are stuck in a far remote area.

tour bus with solar panel and water harvesting module

Luxury Tour Bus fitted with solar panel and water harvesting (AWG) module will give the passengers enough drinking water so that they do not have to bring their own water bottle. With available water on tap, passengers can make their own coffee on board, giving the tour a touch of class. Indeed, all tour buses should install water tree on top of their roof as a preventive from water shortage.

train with solar panel and water harvesting module

Interstate train should always have enough water for its passengers and one way to achieve it is to install water tree which will ensure that the train have sufficient electric power and also to have enough water to quench the thirst of its passengers. An idea that should not be optional as water is a vital element for both washing and drinking.

Water Tree is available for licensing