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About new TVET 4.0

TVET, also known as Technical and Vocational Education & Training in its present form is already out of sync with the latest development in the industry. It is therefore proposed that a new TVET be structured so as to be up to date with Industry 4.0.

As a result of critical thinking, TVET 4.0 was formulated and structured to give us a better trained workforce who are adaptable to Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Today, we have to confront revolutions and disruption. Industrial Revolution 4.0 is already on our shores and disruptive methodologies already rear its ugly head in the form of how we ride from one to another place. Technology advances have put us in a corner as far as education is concerned. We are hearing on a daily basis that we have to revamp our educational system to better cope with the demands of industry. As it is, we are still doing the same way as what we have done decades ago on how we educate our young. Industry 4.0 has made tremendous changes to the way we do our manufacturing. Robots and automation technology will change how our workers do their jobs.

We are all moving towards efficiency in order to fight competition and there is no telling how much we will rely on machines to do the work for us, even to the extent that we program the machine to learn by them! But at the end of the day, we will all have to rethink on how we teach the young. Academia, it seems is a huge elephant that moves as slow as it can, and no matter how much push we made to them to change their way they teach, they don't seem to be urgent on the matter as if no one is going to succeed in shaking their ivory tower.

According to the "2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends" report indicated that the No. 1 trend for 2019 among 86% of respondents is the need for organisations to change the way people learn. Furthermore, a survey conducted by the 'Chief Learning Officer' Business Intelligence Board recently discovered that "only 58% of respondents said their measurement and metrics are fully align with learning strategy." So can we wait for the academia to make their moves? We can, of course come up with a suggestion and indeed, we have come up with a revamp of TVET to make it the main avenue for our young to enrol themselves instead of taking the conventional route of university course. It is termed as TVET 4.0 which will make a very good rebrand.

Here is why TVET Education is important in the Era of Industry 4.0. It was found from research that out of 100 worker trained in TVET, about 65 of them will set up jobs for themselves. Now, governments around the world should take note of it since job creation is the biggest task that they have to handle. It is even more relevant in the era of Industry 4.0 because university graduates can't fit into the world of robotics as they would not like to dirty their hands. Since government around the world with the exception of Germany and Japan has all along paid little attention to TVET funding, it goes to make them realised that time has changed and they must now pay full attention to revitalising TVET education, perhaps even with a new model that is more inline to Industry 4.0.

Proposed major changes to old TVET format in the era of Msc Status 4.0

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