3 Gorges Dam and Tree Top Solar

tree top solar

Tree Top Solar to the rescue - by installing Tree Top Solar around the vicinity of the 3 Gorges dam, the authorities there might be able to alleviate sufferings in case the dam were to collapse. This is so because with the Tree Top Solar which also incorporates a vertical farm framework, will be able to bear out the floods and the cut off of electricity. Tree Top Solar are sophisticated contraptions because they are designed to self align to prevent shadow effect. The solar panels are designed to change their angle according to the position of the sun. Besides, Tree Top Solar may also incorporate Vertical Farming and Aquaponics. As the system is semi automatic, it will help the small time farmer who does not have much resources and are in need of help. It even comes with a water capture system worked out from the morning dew. Automation at its finest when you are able to get free energy and water. Great idea for the rural poors.

three gorges dam

Three Gorges Dam – world’s highest hydro-electric dam capable of generating 85TW/h of electricity a year.

What will happen if disaster were to strike?

Immense flooding, death, food crops destroyed and ……..electricity cut-off for millions of surviving inhabitants!

It would take years to repair the dam …….and years of no electricity for thousands of citizen.

Is there a solution to avert such a huge suffering brought about by the collapse of the Three Gorges Dam or for that matter any other dam?

Before anything else, we must duplicate or at least back up the electricity supply.

electricity grid

Could we then build small power plants around the region?

Yes, but then it could be sabotaged if there is a military conflict.

An alternative and a smarter choice is to install ground solar.

But still it could come under attack if war were to break out because ground solar farm normally stretches a few hundred acres and itself serve as a big target.

The solution then is to install micro power plants, spreading them out in the region so that it will not be a viable target.

Tree Top Solar (also wind turbine) Potentials.

* Easy deployment

* Cost efficient

* Low maintenance

* Spread out risk of energy production

* Vital Source for hydrogen economy

* Cheap source of energy for rural economies

* Expandable

* Green Technology

Salient points of Tree Top Solar:

* Very small foot print

* Deployable on agricultural/commercial land

* Can be lowered for maintenance

* Affordable

* Anti-teft locking system

* Cheap energy to open up the economy by way of producing hydrogen or any other resource.

EU Logo

EU is pushing for huge investment in renewable-powered electrolysis to generate ‘green’ hydrogen

The Netherlands, Germany and Portugal have all set out broad strategies to boost research efforts, and help create demand. The EU sees hydrogen as a key to delivering on its commitment to slash carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030. It has billions to invest through the Green Deal and a €750 billion (£678 billion) recovery package agreed in July 2020. EU green deal advocate, Frans Timmermans declared that ‘Hydrogen rocks’, and appealed for a pipeline of projects the bloc can back.

The EU’s strategy envisages a six-fold increase in capacity to produce green hydrogen – made using renewable energy to split water into its constituent elements – by 2024. This would be used to decarbonize existing hydrogen production in chemicals and refining where, today, electrolyzers produce just 4% of hydrogen demand. A further scale up to at least 40GW of electrolyzes capable of making 10 million tones of hydrogen a year by 2030, anticipates its use in steel production, trains , airplanes and shipping.

Elsewhere, in China, H2 Energy is a part of the “Made in China 2025” initiative issued in 2015 by the State Council . Wan Gang, China’s father of electric cars, thinks hydrogen is the future The man who convinced Beijing to bet on electric vehicles says it’s time for the car industry’s next game-changing moment Hydrogen fuel cells have struggled to gain traction due to high costs and other factors, but China can change that by making them a national priority. When China say they will make it happen, you can be sure they will achieve it quickest of time and the rest of the world will have to follow

Sarawak (Malaysian State) Launches South East Asia’s First Integrated Hydrogen Production Plant and Refueling Station, Unveils Hydrogen Buses Energizing tomorrow for Sarawak. Today, South East Asia’s first integrated hydrogen production plant and refueling station debuts in Kuching. Expected research outcomes of pilot project include greater knowledge on green transportation. Refueling station will service an initial three fuel cell buses and two fuel cell cars

KUCHING, 27 MAY 2019

Brunei exports first shipment of hydrogen to Japan

The sultanate is also studying the possibility of using hydrogen as fuel for its transport sector

NOVEMBER 27, 2019

Japan And Australia Launch An Experimental Coal To Hydrogen (grey hydrogen) Export Industry

Japan and Australia have taken their first steps to create new export industry which will convert the world's most polluting fuel, coal, into its cleanest, hydrogen, and ship it in liquefied form from Australia to Japan. The $350 million experiment is based on a vast reserve of low-grade coal (which will produce grey hydrogen) in Victoria, which was for decades the southern state's major source of electricity, until most of the power plants were closed because of the pollution they generated.

It seems that the world is now awakened to the possibility of hydrogen running the economy, termed Hydrogen Economy

And how will we play our part for the environment?

Before anything else, there must be a viable supply of green hydrogen (made from RE) - but how?

The answer is the installation of large number of photovoltaics all over the place, especially in the rural areas where it will help in the production of huge amount of electricity. The cheap electricity is then used for the production of hydrogen via electrolysis of water.

That is where the Tree Top Solar (also wind turbine) come in.

Tree Top Solar are good to go when they are installed (either by private or government) in large numbers in the rural environment because it does NOT need to sacrifice land space as they can be deployed over the top of the crops, be they fruit trees or other commercial crops (oil palm). The energy so produce is used to generate green hydrogen which will give the rural folks a head start in the hydrogen game show

Additionally, when Tree Top Solar are installed in the farm lands, it will add to the revenue of the farmers (estates) where they themselves can utilise the energy or they sell it to the electric grid.

And with one stroke of the pen, rural areas will no more have to suffer from poverty or the travesty of climate change or the drop in price of farm produce when over production occurs. This is an important new beginning that all governments must take heed. As for China, this will initiate the move to bring back its people to the village where they are jobs. And for the rest of the world this might be the only chance for them to redress the ill effects of unimpeded industrialisation.

Tree Top Solar has another function, that is it also provide a way to install Vertical Farm

Tree Top Vertical Farm is designed for small scale farmers who would normally not have enough flat land to till. It is also an insurance against floods and other calamities. Furthermore, mountainous land can be utilised for the production of food crops and fish farming. Tree Top Vertical Farming can also incorporate automation and remote sensing so that it would bring much relief to farmers who has been facing a shortage of workers. It would revolutionise agricultural practises and ensure food security

tree top solar vertical farming

Self contained Solar Tree (patent pending) Semi automatic vertical farming assembly with power and water capture (from morning air). Aquaponics for the resource scarce farmer

Tree Top Vertical Farm is designed with their own power and water system and because they are usually hoisted above the tree tops, the processes can be automated thus cutting down on manual labour. The system is designed for the family scale village farmer. The extra power that is generated can be used for small scale industry which would help in alleviating poverty.

roof top farming with solar powering

Roof Top Farming is increasing in popularity because of limited amount of land. Urban folks are getting into it as a new hobby and also as a way to supplement fresh vegetables in time of lock downs. Somehow or rather, the term 'food security' becomes a way of life as you can never be sure when the next lock down is going to occur. It is now possible to support roof top farming with the supply of solar energy using the extremely versatile Tree Top Solar where land space is at an premium.

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