solar tree

Solar Tree Forest

Solar Trees are artificial trees that is used for hanging multiple arrays of solar panel arranged in tiers like a christmas tree. Solar Trees (perovskite/silicon panel) can have heights of twenty meters or more and because they have a small footprint, they can be erected on small pieces of land, probably next to condominiums. Or they can be placed in another piece of land far away from the condominium site forming a community solar farm.

Solar Trees are suitable for urban areas where land is a premium and also because people do not wish to mount solar panels on top of their roofs for various reasons. Subscribing to solar panels on top of their roofs also comes with a prohibitive cost. Subscribing to a community solar farm has become the in-thing for US residents who do not want to be burdened with a fiduciary obligation. Subscribing to a community solar program is the best proposition ever devised. Riverria Iskandar's solar trees are designed with the ease of maintenance as the panels, which are hanged high can be lowered to the ground.

Riverria's Solar Tree are designed with multiple tiers of solar capture panels. It is also designed with a height of more than twenty meters or more. It is suited to be deployed in rural farm lands among the many crops that are the signatures of the agririan environment. For these small time farmers, or even the large agricultural conglomerates, deploying large numbers of solar tree will thrust them into the energy generation league and probably thrusting them to be involved in the green hydrogen producer club. Green hydrogen is expected to play an important part in decarbonising of the atmosphere and thus helping out in reversing climate change. There is an effort to change all gas firing power plants to instead use hydrogen feedstock. More is on the way - our future is with hydrogen, green hydrogen at that.