solar roof

Solar Roof Tile with integrated Atmospheric Water Generation - the next generation of roof tiles that not only generates electricity but also water as well!

First of its kind in the world - Integrated Solar Roof/Atmospheric Water Generation designed to harvest solar energy and water from the air. A two-in-one unit that that can help in producing electrical energy as well as being able to harvest water from the atmosphere. Have you ever thought of being energy and waater security? Well, Iskandar Project has just invented the two in one contraption that will ensure that you will be both energy and water secured. Certainly a product that should be mandated for new houses, no less. This is a green product that can help in reducing our carbon footprint as it is able to tap onto solar energy and water from the air that we breathe. Harvesting of water from air is usually being done in the morning when the humidity is at its maximum. It is also able to harvest rain water and treating them as safe drinking water, all in one modular unit.

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      <h4><font color=yellow>Why is there a need for energy and water security?</h4>
      <h4><font color=white>Today, we often wake up to different threats, for example, Covid 19, Climatic Change, Floods, Fire, Droughts, Earthquakes and Political Unrests. In spite of all these happenings, we still have to live and we should try to take precautions in case we have to face them in our daily lives. One of the most important thing in our life is the availability of water and we do not have to say what difficulties we face if we were to wake up to the fact that there is no water from the tap. Almost as important as water is the availability of electric power, just imagine how can you begin the day when you press on the switch and nothing happens. As we are often reminded that we could face lockdown at any time, we would be worried if we were to be stuck in the home without water and power. The answer to all our worries is the Iskandar Project's Solar Roof Tile which if we were to be lucky enough to have installed it in our home, then part of our worries will be dissipated for the Solar Roof Tiles will ensure that we are secured with both water and electric power.</h4>
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Solar cells are made from advance light material like perovskite and the water harvesting device is made from advance MOFs. Units are in modular forms such that it can be easily expanded to cover a large area like that of a factory roof. Units can also be expanded on the ground level as well as up in the air. Solar Roofs with integradted atmospheric water harvesting module will be an essential part of building in areas that faces water constraints. If incorporated into every new housing, we will be able to face water shortages due to climatic changes and over population.

Iskandar Project's Solar Roof Tiles are made from light but strong materials. The solar panel made from perovskite is also recyclable unlike the normal silicon monocrystals which would be an issue as their end of live comes around. Water that is harvested is treated by electrical means in a safe manner such that you will be able to drink it from off the device. In normal circumstances, the harvested water do taste flat because they are distilled water. For it to be more palatable, the water may be dosed with minerals. Water harvesting will be automatically run when there is sufficient amount of humidity in the air. It will be switched off once the water reservior is full or when after the rain come. Solar Roof Tile is also Industry 4.0 enable such that you could monitor from afar.

Let this stand-alone device be fitted unto your new home and feel comfortable where you will be energy and water secured no matter what happens outside your environment. You will not have to worry about when the water supply gets cut. You will also not have to worry about when the electrical grid stops functioning for there will always be water and electricity be on tap. Think of the savings on the bills that this device can offer, not forgeting that when others have to stop living whilst you continue to live like never before. Roof Solar Tiles are made in modular units so that you can cover it over a large area like for example a factory lot. You can enlarge it anytime you feel like doing so.

solar powered recreational vehicle

Recreational Vehicle that can go anywhere even to those places that have no water - solar and water harvesting module to power vehicle to obtain electricty and water. A must if you are thinking of off-roading to the desert region where water source is not available. The integrated water harvesting module will be capable of tapping off water from the air so as to supply a constant stream of drinking water for living. Driving this vehicle to the far-off region will be able to sustain your life as there will be water on tap from the ceiling of the vehicle. You will also be able to travel for a great distance knowing that you won't die of thirst!

car roof carrier with solar and water harvesting

Car Roof Carrier with integrated solar panel and water harvesting (AWG) module to let you go anywhere without having to worry about no power and water. You can go right to the desert place and feel safe as you will get water on tap enough to quench your thirst. You don't have to hunt for bottle water any more while on the go!

remote monitoring station

When Solar Roof Tiles are fitted to remote monitoring stations, it will allow the station to obtain fresh drinking water. Remote Monitoring Stations are normally sited far away from human activities so it is safe to say that water and electicity is not easily available. Installing solar roof tiles on the station will ensure that there would be available water and electricity. Water for inhabitants and electricity to run the equipments.

research sea going vessel

Solar Roof Tiles fitted to sea going research vessels can ensure that the sailors would not run out of drinking water as water is being tapped from the atmosphere on a twenty four hour basis (provided it is powered by the sun). With solar roof tile or water tree installed, it would be safe to say that there would not be a shortage of drinking water even if you are surrounded by sea water as far as the eye can see!

hill side home

Hill Side Homes would not have to face water shortage if fitted with Solar Roof Tiles. It would be very precarious to depend on the water supply system due to the height. It goes to have your own water supply, something that you will have every day of your life because the water is derived from the atmosphere and powered by the sun.

indigenous communities

Water shortage is one of the main concern of indigenous communities as they ae often forgorten by the governments. Add to the fact that there are often mining sites near to these settlements and the threat of mining effluents flowing into the water sources of these communities become realities. Indiginous people often depend on rivers for their water but because of economic activities nearby, it is often the case that safe drinking water from the riverines are polluted to the extend that people will get sick from poisoning. In this respect, it would be a great contribution to these indigenous people if the installed solar roof tiles or water trees will generate enough of safe drinking water. As the solar roof tiles or water tree comes in modular form, they could be installed to cover a large area so as to help harvest a large volume of water. Additionally, the solar roof tiles could also supply electric power for use by the community.

oil platform

Oil Platforms are often found in remote part of the sea where supply of fresh drinking water is not easily available. One of the way to solve the problem is to install water trees on-deck such that it would be able to harvest fresh drinking water from the air. As the area on-deck the platform is often at a premuim, the water tree could be installed at the fringe infrastructure at below deck area.

remote mining site

Mining sites are often found in far remote areas where it is not feasible to pipe treated water. Depending on the situation, water is normally sent to them by water tankers. One way to alleviate this problem is by installing water trees or fitting solar roof tiles onto buildings (workers den) so as to be able to harvest water from the air.

backpack with water harvesting

Backpack with the capability to harvest water from the air and charging of electrical items as you go around your journey! Absolute insurance for you not to be hydrated. Essential item for the army personal who might have to thread to the frontline where water and electricity is not available. An essential item for the military.

camping tent with water harvesting

Camping Tent with both solar panel and Water harvesting capability to give every camper the sense of survivalbility as water is available on tap 24 hours.

water stressed township

Around 1.3 billion people in the world are water stressed. That is one-fifth of the world's population and it is growing as climatic change brings havoc to the worlds' weather patern. But what could be done to these hardships? Well, one of the way is to help install Water Tree or Solar Roof Tile unto buildings. The installed solar roofing will help to harvest water from the atmosphere. Harvesting could be done all day and night provided it is coupled to enough energy. Energy and water from the solar roofing is free and is an insurance that they will be no breakdown of water and energy supply. In fact solar roofings should be made mandatary for all new houses as a means to have water and energy security.


Cattle Ranchers are the most hardy people around. They almost operate in desolated areas where water is not a given. But fret not as they can now incorporate Water Trees in their outbacks to harvest water from the air. As a bonus, they will also get electricity in case they have to take a rest in a comfortable room or even a bath to freshen themselves after the day is out.

remote tourist site

Remote Tourist site often faced water problem as there are normally sited away from water resources. As such it would be a boon if they were to install either Solar Roof Tile or Water Trees on their premises so as to be able to harvest water from the atmosphere. There is never a case of too much water;people need water to drink and washing.

One of the main reasons why we should all give support to installing solar roof tiles is that we have a duty to reduce our carbon footprint as understood and oblige under the Paris Climate Change conference. We really can't afford to have time to tune our living lifestyle so as to reduce the amount of carbon that we gave out through our use of machineries. We have to change now because the ice caps are melting fast because of global warming due to our unimpeded use of fossile fuels.

We are all aware that the sea is eating up our land so we have to do something about it. Someone suggested that we build more bunds but is that a viable suggestion because if you have more bunds, then when it rain, you will have a problem of getting the water out to the sea. However, we have another suggestion. You might want to take a look at Sea Level Rise Solutions