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Riverria Iskandar Malaysia Peak Health Programe

You will very hear people say they just cannot afford to be sick nowadays because they know that if they were to be that unfortunate to land in the specialist hospitals, the cost of staying in the hospital to receiving medication will most likely kill them rather than the illness. We know that is the greatest fear among the elderlies. Of course there is the general hospital that they could go to but then, they will need to wait because of the long waiting list to even getting served. It is for this reason that medical insurance thrive. But is there another way?

The best policy then is to stay healthy. Something easier said than done. Here in Riverria Iskandar Malaysia we have a programme to stay healthy. It’s called ‘Peak Health’ which is designed especially for the condominium community. We believe that people must prioritise their health first before other things. If you do not enjoy good health, then you will surely spend all your time worrying about what ails you. You will not likely to be able to buy health so the next best policy is to always try to stay healthy by all means. Here in Riverria Iskandar Malaysia we make it a priority for you to practice healthy living. What you eat, what you do and what you don’t do will affect your health.

Riverria Iskandar Malaysia’s health programme is called ‘Peak Health’ and it is a pro-active regime to inculcate healthy living by way of exercising and appropriate eating. There are available physical facilities designed to keep you active and going. Recreational paths are specially designed to give you the chance to work out your body. Then there is also a team of experienced workout gurus to guide you on traditional keep fit programs like Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga and another team of medical doctors to keep a check on your health. There is also a team of nutritionist to offer you what to eat; as well as when to eat.

‘Peak Health’ is also a program to offer you medical attention at a decent cost. It is manned by a team of western medicine practitioners and oriental health practitioners. It also offer an in-house medical monitoring of resident’s health by the use of advance monitoring and intervention modules; twenty four hours service. It will also make arrangement for operations be it in the country or otherwise and at a cost that others would envy. All said, Riverria Iskandar Malaysia’s ‘Peak Health’ will be your angel guardian as far as health is concerned, something you will never get even if you were to stay near a specialist hospital. ‘Peak Health’ is based on a subscription model.