Msc Status 2.0 msc status

Iskandar Project would like to offer its bespoke Msc Status Application Advisory to those who wish to add to their portfolio a Msc Status Company. It is certainly not easy to obtain the new Msc Status as there are new criteria which came into force since 1/1/19 but we will try our best to help you out as we are experienced in both intellectual property and Industry 4.0 elements. As for your application, you will need to frame it in Industry 4.0 modelling. But what is Industry 4.0 modelling, you may want to ask?

Well, Industry 4.0 model is based on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) Adoptions by the manufacturing industries. Industrial Revolution 4.0 will affect many industries including the financial sector, education sector and the security industries. However, in terms of size, the manufacturing Industry sector beats them all and when we speak about Industry 4.0 (the shortened term for IR 4.0), we normally mean the manufacturing industry. IR 4.0 is all about full digitalisation. It means that we should now have full digitalisation all along the supply chain. But why full digitalisation?

Well we do have digitalisation but not full. So when we want to make things operate at maximum efficiency level, we will have to have full digitalisation. Full digitalisation will mean that we can have control all along the way, from the type of seed that we plant, to the way the fruit is harvested to how the fruit is transported and by whom and we will also know what happens along the way until it reach the end user. This way we have Full Accountability and Transparency to boot. And to make it all possible, we will need to incorporate full digitalisation, automation, robots, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G to boot.

On top of that we will need many integrators (who knows about IR 4.0) to help tie all these new fanged toys to work as a whole. This will also mean techies need to learn new things and also there will be a whole class of business models for the take. And it is also for this that MDEC has got itself rewired just to stay at the front of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the sake of not leaving our country behind the economic curve.

But in case you are in doubt as to how to go about it, you may contact us to work it out for you. Email us at free email account only)for advice. You might want to whatsapp us at +60143382560