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Smart Manufacturing with Smart Real Time Varying Technology

What is it all about?

Smart Manufacturing is defined as a system that is "fully integrated, collaborative manufacturing system that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factiry, in the supply network, and in customer's demand needs."

Iskandarproject's "Smart Manufacturing with Real Time Varying Technology" is the new system that will also take care of where your customers will come from. Also, if it senses that the demand is slacking, it will first of all research as to where demand is coming from; then it will use its big data analtics program to procure buying from non traditional sources that it had identified. In short, the Iskandarproject system also acts as a marketing and sales agent on behalf of the client to secure market share, all on automation as if no body is running the enterprise!

We are familiar with vendors who come knocking in to sell their wares for handling integration matters on Industry 4.0 adoptions but the Iskandarproject system does one more thing that the conventional vendors cannot do and that is to tie in the whole manufacturing process to the ability to sell. Its also a "Sales on Automation" thing! Come to think, there is no use for a system that only take care of the efficiency of the manufacturing but also take care of who is going to buy all that had been produced. This is where it will get rid of the headache of producing too much (because of automantion) in the time of slacking demand (lack of automation). Now with the "Smart Manufacturing with Real Time Varying Technology" program, you can now have a sense of relief of too much production and no buyers.

"Smart Manufaturing with Real Time Varying Technology" comes withh all the necessary hardware and software package. You will save you money for better things!

What about Innovations?

An essential part of "Smart Manufacturing with Real Time Varying Technology" is Innovation. Yes, we would like to think that you should not only rely on using digitalisation to bring about efficiency, you should also explore the merits of bringing out new products and services to beat the competitions. Although it is not easy to innovate, it is still better than to compete on the same range of products as your competitor. Ever heard of "Blue Ocean Strategy"? Well, being in the blue ocean will mean that you have no competitions or probably very little competition, right. From a competition's point of view, you will fare much better if you are the leader of the pack. And in order to be the leader of the pack, you will need to innovate and not only that , you will need to bring about innovations constantly. Why is it so hard to create innovation? But if you know the secret, it would be a cinch and we will help you out as we are innovators deep in our soul. If however that you are more comfortable with tweaking your manufacturing processes to reach efficiency, then we will help out as well.

Smart Manufacturing Essentials

* Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP4.0)

* Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

* Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)

* Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

* Human Machine Interface (HMI)

* Distributed Control System (DCS)

Industry Users

* Oil & Gas

* Machine Manufacturing

* Electrical & Electronics

* Aerospace

* Mining

* Food & Beverages

* Chemicals

* Power Generation

* Automotive

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