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Introducing the latest Environmentally Inhabitable (DESIGNED TO AVERT SPREAD OF COVID-19) Condominium property project in Iskandar Johor, RIVERRIA ISKANDAR MALAYSIA


RIVERRIA ISKANDAR, located on a 22 acre central region of Iskandar Malaysia is conceived with you in mind. It epitomises the value of being smart, environmentally friendly and the hall mark of an environmentally-sustainable community as espoused by Iskandar Malaysia. It consists of two blocks of very affordable condominium consisting of 1298 units sited bordering Tampoi, Taman Tun Aminah and Taman Perling in the central region of Johore Bahru and is fringed by Sungei Skudai which flows into the Straits of Johor. There is another block that is going to be built at the second phase. Strategically located in the busy city of Johor Bahru, Riveria Iskandar Malaysia has easy accessibility to airports, ports, the North South Highway and Singapore. Furthermore, it is only 10 minutes by road to the new game changer Rapid Transit System (RTS) link at Bukit Chargar and thence to Singapore in another 15 minutes (inclusive of immigration clearance).

Iskandar Malaysia is earmarked to be developed as a Smart/Intelligent City which encompasses the 6 dimensions of Smart Economy, Smart Governance, Smart Environment, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Living and Smart Connectivity, is proud of its achievement in the creation of this pilot program for Smart cities across Malaysia and the region. In this respect, Riverria Iskandar Malaysia (industry 4.0 and 5G readied with priority in automation encompassing artificial intelligence) will encompass Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Environmentally-friendly and Smart Connectivity.

Riverria Iskandar Malaysia - Smart Living as espoused by Iskandar Malaysia. It is only 10 minutes by road to the new game changer Rapid Transit System (RTS) link at Bukit Chargar.

Riverria Iskandar's smart living will encompass 'Safe Living' and 'Smart Community' which will mean you will live in a safe environment setting. Designed specially for Riverria Iskandar Malaysia, 'Safe Living' program is powered by a leading edge software where every tenant of the condominium will be guarded from criminal intent inflicted by an out side party whilst in the compound; any ill intent mode of entry to the tenants will be analysed by an Artificial Intelligence Module that will trigger a cautionary note to the authorities when detected (in real time). In other words, you will be made to feel safe whilst you are in the condo compound (further tracking out side the compound too). Those who seek entry to the community will be further tracked as to their track records by the authorities. Those who had a bad record will be refused entry first hand. For maximum security purposes, Riverria Iskandar Malaysia also come with a smart surveillance system that employs drone surveillance running on a twenty four hours basis to detect wayward intruders into the compound. Intrusion through the windows (yes, it happened at Peak Residence, Mount Erskine) and perimeter fence will be monitored by surveillance drones equipped with high resolution cameras running on a twenty four hours basis (operates in the dark as well with infra-red cameras). Suspicious actions will also be monitored in the corridors by way of an Artificial Intelligence Enabled Facial and Gait Recoqnition. Sirens will be triggered once it is detected that someone is seen loafing at the corridors and stairways (and lifts as well) with the security team being marshalled to check on the intruder. Riverria Iskandar Malaysia gives top priority to the security of the residents. Non residents (servicing, deliveries) who seek entry for determined purposes (will need notification at the entry gate) will be heavily monitored as a precautionary move to deter crime.

Furthermore, there is an inhouse team of ten medical doctors to help manage your health: made possible by an accompanying leading edge health program called 'Peak Health' which among other things, is to monitor, diagnos, analyse in real time and to provide intervention (including surgery) where necessary. One of the benefits of 'Peak Health' is the reduced cost of providing health as it works on a community basis where a large group can benefit in terms of cost.

'Peak Health' uses big data and artificial intelligence to understand what is ailing you and it monitors your health on a real time basis, even as you are asleep (with your permission). It is run by using the latest in artificial intelligence including deep learning techniques where it is able to analyse your audio feedback (so as to sense unusual behaviour) when you speak into the system. As the health providers are 24 hours linked to the system, you will get immediate urgent response if some thing wrong is detected. 'Peak Health' is also linked to the world's renown health professionals just so that you come to get what top money can buy at a cost that other people can only dream of; a crowd has a better purchasing power than a single individual and you don't have to run all over the place to seek what you want nor phone everybody asking. This is a pioneering work in terms of keeping you in peak health at an affordable cost. 'Peak Health' will accompass both Western medicine and Traditional medicines and is especially designed for retirees and single person householders who are in need of someone to watch over them. Further more, 'Peak Health' which will be on a subsricption model will be able to book for you urgent surgical procedings from foreign countries if it is found that the operations are not available locally or in neighboring countries. So as far as health is concerned, 'Peak Health' is like a god send, something more than a dedicated speciallist hospital (nearby) can provide! 'Peak Health' is provided by a Riverria Iskandar In-House Health Team run by a group of dedicated medical doctors.

Riverria Iskandar's 'Smart Community' program (run by an Artificial Intelligence Module) will make the community smart in terms of being able to connect between two individuals in the community who shares the same interest, thus helping to building comradeship. It would also be possible to connect buyers and sellers among the community thus ensuring that you won't be cheated by an out sider. This is what we call a smart community as compared to those people who live in a garden community but yet do not know who their neighbors are! In this way, there would be less of a chance of you living together with a criminal because if one is found out to be of bad character, then he or she would be very quickly being exposed. There is also an Intelligent Recreation System that help arrange bookings by residents for recreational centres as there are peak times to avoid. with this system running, Gyms and Recreational centers will operate more efficiently;the system knows when is the peak booking time and goes to give advice on alternative time slots.

Riverria Iskandar Malaysia will be introducing for the first time in the world a 'Covid Safe Haven' enclave for high networth individuals who like to stay in a Covid-19 safe environment. Exclusive to the high networth individual, the 'Safe Haven' conceptual Penthouse Suit is designed to be safe from coronavirus infection. Infrastructures are designed with adequately safe air ventilation (filtered and ultraviolet) and air conditioning so that there will be no recirculation of polluted air (which might harbour virus) in the room spaces. Residents will also be attended by a team of medical doctors (on 24 hours standby) to ensure that they be safe from infections;also includes special security personels. There will also be a dedicated pathway (also ensured covid-19 safe) to the outside destinations including among others a dedicated gym and playground (for exercises, yoga and tai chi). In room facilities will include teleconferencing facilities so that you can communicate with your love ones living in another location. Absolutely top notch designs dedicated to a safe environment expecially suited for the elderlies.

Riverria Iskandar's 'Smart Mobitilty' is based on a slew of new transporting frameworks. One of them is 'Air Taxi' connectivity. Another is 'Ruby on Drones' which is an 'Autonomous Passenger Drone System' where people can be transported to another location by means of pilotless passenger drones. For this to work and in a safe way, a series of light elevated walkways (may have multiple levels) will be built (with cooperation from the state authorities) connecting Riverria Iskandar Malaysia with the rest of the city. These elevated walkways forms the cheapest alternative to building highways and they are built along side major highways and into lesser density locality to give that last mile connections that is essential for Smart Mobility Community. However, the availability of both 'Air Taxi' and 'Ruby on Drones' will be subjected to the authority's approval (aviation authority). With COVID-19's bad experience on our back, Riverria Iskandar Malaysia will redesign all those touch points like door knobs and elevator (smart elevator) buttons to the 'Contactless' kind to make your living much safer than the other communities.


As far as environmental issues are concerned, development of Riverria Iskandar Malaysia is built on a Green-focused Agenda, whereby green and sustainable environment is being made one of the many focused requirements. ‘Iskandar Malaysia Low Carbon Society Blueprint,’ being the catch call for Iskandar Malaysia, is built into Riverria Iskandar Malaysia in the form of sustainable 'Solar Tree Forest System' where the energy consumption of the community is indirectly provided by the energy derived from both the sun (solar tree forest) and wind (wind funnel). 'Solar Tree Forest' concept is especially desgned for buildings with very little roof space like condominiums and housing flats (who need extra free energy most) or householders who don't cherish the thought of scarring their beatiful house with a roof top patch. This is one of the glaring example of being self sustained in terms of energy consumption; you could not being any greener. Furthermore, Iskandar Riverria roof tops are made from Solar Roofs where it helps generate electricity and also provides water capture from moisture making as green as ever can be - a world's first.

'Solar Tree Forest System' is the first of its kind in the world (patent pending) which is being acknowledged locally and globally as a sustainable energy pioneering effort. Its goal is to have you paying a flat rate (an idea not heard of this part of the world but certainly achievable with cost of solar energy going south all this while) for your energy bill regardless of how much you consume! With the 'Solar Tree Forest' system, you will not need to mount your solar panels on top of the roof (there are not much roof for condominiums to talk about). Instead, an artificial forest (man made) which consists of tall towers (like telecom towers) will be built on the locality (reserved fringes) to mount the solar panels ( 100 panels per tower and the panels made from perovskite which auto adjust according to the sun's direction). It works on a solar community basis where residents can partake on the energy churned off from the solar tree forest sited in another grid. Again, a first of its kind in the world: a pioneering spirit knocks off from Ecocity Iskandar Malaysia Concept. Accompanying 'Solar Tree Forest' are 'Wind Funnel' which is designed to tap on the wind; wind is tapped to drive out hot air channeled from the condominiums (especially the bottom floors). 'Wind Funnels' (patent pending) are tall hollow towers (without the noisy turbine blades) that are designed to capture wind energy on the upper levels. A ground level accumulating battery system is tied to both the "Solar Tree Forest' and the 'Wind Funnel' to give a twenty four hour electrical energy supply (green energy is first supplied to the government grid;you then get rebates from the government grid) to the project.

A further enhancement to the topic of energy sustainability is the in-built of 'Intelligent Air Conditioning' in the apartments. 'Intelligent Air Conditioning' is a patent pending air conditioning system where it is touted to save you sixty percent of your air conditioning bill because it will not waste energy cooling your ceilings and what not. It is built like a ceiling fan (self configurable according to demands) but works like a robot (it has reconfigurable nozzles that are able to focus the conditioning air to the point of demand). It has sufficient intelligence to work on its own, bereft of the need for human intervention and it is designed to be able to spot how much is the demand (cooling), and their whereabouts (points). It is the next generation type of air or heat conditioning. It is also designed for open space air conditioning demands; like an open space stadium. Perhaps we will then not have to breathe in virus infested recirculated air like that in a hospital as you can then open your windows to fresh outside air; read Post-COVID-19 reality. Equally of importance is the redesigning of air conditioning ducts as they were suspected of helping spread Covid-19 virus; suspected in a Wuhan case. Also on the card is airflow in elevator lifts. Elevator lifts will have to be redesigned so that passengers don't have to breathe in the virus emitted by diseased people when they talk out loud or when they cough.

Also on the cards are a series of environmentally friendly concepts. One of it being 'Waste Recovery' which is the recovering from the sewerage channel of dried and modified sludge (chemically treated) for the purpose of fuel bricks and fertilizers. On the subject of waste discharge, we will also analyse the sewarage discharge to identify partogens like Covid-19 so as to make it an early warning sign that someone among the community is carrying the corovirus. Another concept is the 'grow your own vegetable' and 'breed your own fish' project which will be structured at the basal blocks of the condominium. These two projects are integrated together and will provide the community (on a bying basis) with fresh, non toxic vegetables (aeroponically grown) and fish (high quality soon hock). There is also a program tied to an automatic purchase of these items made possible by an IoT enabled fridge (home) which also has an intelligent doorstep delivery system when there is some one at home to receive it (industry 4.0 enabled).

Further more, there is also a program to help residents in bulk buying of goods from the supermarkets or groceries. These goods will be received on behalf of the tenants (when away from home) and thence made delivery when the tenants arive back home. This is a pioneering effort by Riverria Iskandar Malaysia to set off a 'smart living' livestyle as a means of lowering down carbon footprint; just imagine the amount of fuel saved from not having everybody driving to the supermarkets to buy their household stuffs! That being said, the collective buying of household stuffs might bring about economies of scale and it should made an example where cluless citizenry goes about running all over the place to do thier things. This block buying and delivery thing can be emulated in all the gardens all over the country. It will first solve to reduce our carbon footprint and second reduce the cost of buying goods. For the first time, you will have a choice of 'real' eco friendly living any where in the world! It must be said upfront that some of these services are paid for through the maintenance fee whilst others might be on a voluntary subscription basis and yet others could be revenue earners for the community.. The people behind Riverria Iskandar Malaysia Project are innovators in their own right and are also dead serious about going green for the benefit of mankind.


Water will be tapped from Sungei Skudai: mini water treatment powered by solar energy to be used for gardening, car washing and other purposes. Excess of power generated by the 'Solar Tree Forest' can also be used to treat the waste water from the sewarage system and thus help to reduce environmental pollution. At Riverria Iskandar Condominium, a project to separate waste from urine will be undertaken. Urine will be treated and recycled into Urea which is a form of useful fertilizer for the farming industry. This project is a first of its kind in Asia where water is being separated from urine can be be used as a scarce resource and even more so for the foreseeable future and especially for water scarced Johor Bahru, will be further researched and piloted as well as being commercialised as a viable example for the rest of the world to follow. Also, being coqnizant of the fact that there will be water supply disruption in water scarced Johor Bahru in the future, a water storage scheme is built to save enough water through an underground accumulation system for a weeks' supply of emergency treated water just so that you will still enjoy the little comforts that you are accustomed with!

As water forms the lifeblood of humankind, we must make every effort to source for it including those that are not conventional like sourcing from the air that surrounds us. An alternative of sourcing for water is that shown by Iskandar Project with the use of Water Tree . Water Tree by Iskandar project is a stand alone unit that is capable of generting water from the amosphere. Yes, with Water Tree, you can install it anywhere and get it harvest water. As a stand alone unit, it is self powered and thee is very little maintenance as it uses solid state technology. Put it up on top of the roof and and get it self generate safe drinking water. You will not have to worry about water ration anymore. We called it Water Security which is what is in the mind of every right thinking human being as we have experienced the short comming of having to depend on the state to draw our water, especially after the scourge of Covid Pandemic.

riverria iskandar condominium 1


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RIVERRIA ISKANDAR, Tampoi, Johor Bahru

site plan


building plan


air taxi terminal


An Air Taxi Aeroport is built on top of the multi level parking lot to afford you fast connectivity to the Senai and Singapore airport. Air Taxis will be operated by Uber and Hyundai. It will also be the first of its type in Asia.


ROOF-TOP AIR TAXI AEROPORT is designed with the latest in technology, offering you an all weather transport hub so that you won't be stuck in the maddening trafic congestion below that is the characteristics of a busy city. Aeroport works just like a conventional airport and you will find related services like drone servicing team as well as battery replacements. Aeroport is designed with an all weather retractable roof top to give you protection from the elements during stormy weather. A mini CIQ will be provided for the convenience of international visitors. Passengers will be able to enjoy enhanced connectivity via Grab services which will also connect them to the nearest hospital if need be. Passenger Drones can also help deliver people to the most remote of places within its operation boundaries.

fooftop air taxi aeroport

AIR TAXI -- for fast connection to airports, rail terminals and hospitals.

rapid transit system at bukit chargar

Only 10 minutes by road to RTS in Bukit Chargar

jetty hub

JETTY HUB offers you an all round connection from Riverria Iskandar to the various coastal parts of the Southern Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Proposed to use ground-effect sea planes (not hydrofoils) for versatality; these light planes can fly and land on water surfaces.

river tourism

As Riverria Iskandar Malaysia is fringed by Sungei Sekudai, you may want to partake in a river cruise that is sure to reduce your blood pressure. The river is fringed by mangrove swamp where macaques are known to have their homes. Watching the monkies swing from branch to branch will give you the idea that life could be that simple and bereft of stress.

leisure cruise

Leisure Cruise (sea food) by yatch from Riverria Iskandar to Desaru and Kukup. Eco-tourism and Nature cruise to Ramsar Sites - Pulau Kukup, Tanjung Piai and Sungei Pulai all located in the coastal regions of Johor.

rooftop view


jungle path

JUNGLE PATH is designed with your leisure in mind. It offers you a down to earth touch with nature with its carefully curated mangrove swamp environment. There are also small modestly furnished huts in the swamp environment which are designed for you to spent a night or two enjoying the trills of nature.

riverria iskandar


helicopter view


passenger drone over elevated walkway

"RUBY on DRONE Transport System"

Passenger Drone fly over dedicated elevated multi-level walkway. The future of city mobility. Passenger Drones flying two meters above dedicated elevated walkways with connections to various urban stations. With this method of transport, you won't see drones suddenly falling into the roadway below. Drones are fitted with a cushion bag such that they will absorb the shock in case the drone lost control. The dedicated elevated walkway is fitted with a flexible roof top that will retain the out of control falling drone thereby preventing a nasty crash. The route (follows the dedicated elevated walkway) of the passenger drone is thus controlled ( by aviation authority) and properly managed. This is called the 'Ruby on Drone' system which will make it safe for passenger drone flight. Again, first of its kind in the world. It is proposed that these light elevated walkways (which cost one twentieth the cost of highways) be built around cities supplementing the expansive highways dotting the city. The passenger drones might be used for parcel deliveries as they will not have to face traffic congestions (thus fast delivery). The passenger drones could also supplement the ambulances as they could be used for quick delivery of critically ill patients

"RUBY on DRONE" can be run fully autonomous or by pilot. Certainly one of the good idea for Amazon's one day delivery. One for the Smart City Transportation concept of Riverria Iskandar. "RUBY on DRONE" is designed to replace the so called "Autonomous Car" which might be crashed by non-autonomous car driven by you and me! If you have to build new highways to accomodate "self driving cars," you might as well build "RUBY on DRONE" highway because it is very much cheaper and morever, you don't have to congest further the already bursting at its seam vehicle highway. Well, the rest of the world might want to follow as they find it difficult to implement self driving car among the traffic mad crowd!

We have all come to the realisation that the sharing economy has changed our lives. Uber and Airbnb has given us an alternative that we have not known before. It has surely change our perception that we have to own our things; the reality is that we don't need to own cars and houses anymore for there is a thing called 'sharing.' And sure enough, we also have a sharing comcept for our cars. Riverria Iskandar Malaysia will have its own fleet of cars for sharing, run by senior residents and those that have retired. It is another GRAB alternative, operated by residents who got some time to spare. You will feel very safe and comfortable with the drivers as they are from your own base. How is this for Smart/Intelligent Mobility!
And lastly but not the least, after all that we have said, we do not just build you a home, but we take pains to design from the ground up a home that will give you comfort, security and a good healthy life. You will most likely be able to benefit from an upgrade of value for the years to come.

Iskandar Project - Project Consultant for RIVERRIA ISKANDAR MALAYSIA