ISKANDAR PROJECT iskandar project

Covid-19 Averse Infra - How is Riverria Iskandar built.

intelligent air conditioning and ventilation

intelligent covid-19 averse air ventillation

In order that a building is built to prevent the spread of viruses, the building must have these ingredients:

* All contacting points must be changed to touchless contacts - facial recoqnition, infr-red scanners, heat maps and motion scanners.

* All rooms must have intelligent ventilation - fresh air intake and foul air exhaust.

* Rooms must be air conditioned with an intelligent air conditioning unit to save fuel.

* Intelligent energy management - manage energy requirements of the whole unit.

* Waste System Management - to be able to track for covid-19 in the discharge of human waste as an early warning presence of human harboring of coronavirus.

* A viable health checking system to detect inhabitants harbouring coronavirus.

* Walls and floors will be coated with microantibial elements.