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Ferry Service at Puteri Harbour

Arrival and Departure Schedules at Terminal Feri Puteri Harbour.

Tikets available only at FERRY TERMINAL. No bookings: +607-5600 542 , +607-5600 543 , +607-5600 548

Ferry Schedule from Tg. Balai, Karimun, Indonesia to Puteri Harbour

0800 (Indonesia time), 0945 (Indonesian time), 1115 (Indonesian time), 1230 (Indonesian time), 1530 (Indonesian time).

Ferry Schedule from Puteri Harbour toTg. Balai, Karimun, Indonesia

0800 (Malaysian time), 1000 (Malaysian time), 1130 (Malaysian time), 1300 (Malaysian time), 1630 (Malaysian time).

Ferry Schedule from Harbour Bay, Batam, Indonesia to Puteri Harbour

0630 (Indonesian time), 0900 (Indonesian time), 1300 (Indonesian time), 1430 (Indonesian time), 1630 (Indonesian time), 1730 (Indonesian time).

Ferry Schedule from Puteri Harbour to Harbour Bay, Batam,Indonesia

0740 (Malaysian time),1040 (Malaysian time), 1305 (Malaysian time), 1440 (Malaysian time), 1640 (Malaysian time), 1830 (Malaysian time)

Time subject to change without notice

*  Daily schedules is subject to change without notice. It's advisable you call 07 5600542, 07 5600543, 07 6500548 to check. Ferry service can only be CONFIRMED at the ferry terminal as a minimum passenger load must be achieved before a service is confirmed. Where there is insufficient passenger load for the schedule, then the next schedule will come into force. So confirmation of service can only be done at the FERRY TERMINAL. You are advised to wait out the service at the ferry terminal. No bookings available.

Ticket Counter Price

Putri Harbour to Tg Balai, Karimun,

Adult One Way - RM 65

Adult Two Way - RM 110

Children One Way (3 - 12 years)- RM 35

Children Two Way - RM 65

Additional of Seaport Tax of RM 16 per ticket

Ticket Counter Price

Putri Harbour to Harbour Bay, Batam,

Adult One Way - RM 69

Adult Two Way - RM 114

Children One Way (3 - 12 years)- RM 46

Children Two Way - RM 69

Additional of Seaport Tax of RM 16 per ticket

Note :-
1.  Ticket counter price at Puteri Harbour International Ferry Terminal, Nusajaya, Johor.
2.  Adult (age 12yrs and above), Child (age between 3yrs-12yrs), Infant (age below 3yrs old).
3.  Seaport tax charges is RM 12.00 per pax (insclusive the insurance) for International departure from
     Puteri Harbour International Ferry Terminal, Johor.
4.  RM 10.00 shall be charge for any changes of schedule for all confirmed ticket
5.  Ferry services is operated by Ridaa Associates Sdn Bhd. whom determines price and schedules.

6.  Updated as from 6/7/18