Pinewood Studio Iskandar Malaysia


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Why Pinewood Studio in Iskandar Malaysia?

pinewood studio malaysia

The Pinewood Studio at Iskandar is a strategic move by the Malaysian Government to spearhead the creative industry in Malaysia. Although Malaysia do produce films in the past, it does not account to anything. Now, with the setting up of the Iskandar Branch, the Malaysian film industry will move to the international level. Of course there would be a lot of learning and training, but it is definitely going to lead Malaysia towards better using of its manpower.

Moreover, Pinewood Studio Iskandar will be fully involve in the making of films, film post productions, and animations which will in whole give Malaysians a chance to give value add to its economy. With 100,000 sq ft of film stages and 24,000 sq ft of TV studios, Pinewood Studio Iskandar is a heavy investment. Hopefully third parties will take the opportunity to use the facilities of Pinewood studio to produce their own films.

If you have any film making plans, do consider Pinewood Studio for your cooperating partner. There are not many such facilities in this region though.