Maglev Mass Transit for Iskandar Malaysia

maglev train system for iskandar johor

Magnetic Levitation Train for Iskandar Malaysia?

johor maglev

Johor Maglev

There is now a proposal for a first of its kind in the world - Low Speed Maglev System to traverse Iskandar Puteri

Built for the modern metropolis of Iskandar Johor, Maglev Johor will help bring about real connectivity between Iskandar Puteri and Johor Bahru. Using the cutting edge "Rotory Maglev System" to connect short distances between the multiple stop stations earmarked for the still to be fully developed Iskandar Johor Region, the new maglev system which was designed and patented in Malaysia will show the world how to go about transporting their citizens in the most comfortable way.

Johor Maglev was designed for short distances and runs on a leisurely low speed (40 kilometers per hour) as compared to those that were designed for Shanghai, Tokyo and Berlin, which runs at a high speed and long distance between stops. Johor Maglev uses a different magnetic levitation technique and because of that it is able to run on a slow speed and at short distances between stop stations. Johor Maglev's cost of operation is also super low because it does not need expensive superstructures to hold up the coaches. Johor Maglev runs on a continuous chain of small coaches running on elevated guideways looping all along the commercial and dwelling areas in Iskandar Johor.

Passengers will be able to embark and disembark at the many stop stations stradling along the route. With the coaches levitated a few centimeters above the trackway, passengers can expect a very smooth and silent journey with air-conditioning to boot along the way. Being the first of its kind in the world, Johor Maglev will show how the best way to transport people in our ever congested roads. Passengers will enjoy a good view of the surroundings on the elevated trackways like they were in fantasy land!

AS this is a proposal for Iskandar Malaysia your opinion is important for the authorities to decide whether to bring forth this maglev system to Iskandar Johor. So how will Johor Maglev affect you and your property? Or will your lifestyle be changed? Already excited? Well, you can leave your opinions by Emailling Us your opinion