Johor Drones

What is Johor Drones?

using drones for various purposes

Johor Drones is not only an outdoor drone game, but also

* Designing the next generation of Drones be they for recreational purposes or for workhorse. Find out more what does the next generation drones look like here

* Using Johor Drone gameplay scheme to design virtual games-virtual shooting games

* Using Johor Drone games to theme a series of movie play

* Franchise of Johor Drones game brand to a global basis. You might want to learn more here

* Using lessons on Johor Drones to strategically design cancer killing techniques

* Designing and deployment of new robotic drones that fly like birds

* Designing and deployment of new under water drones for under sea surveillance

* Designing new propulsion systems for micro drones

* designing new transformable stealth aircraft frames

* Training for Drone pilots. You might want to be a trainer here!

* assimilating war strategies

* "Grow-on-green" strategic township eco-system from conceptualization to sustainability

* Advance people mobility system designed for our energy starved world

* "Just Live Well" health ecosystem designed for the aging population-from conception to delivery

All of our innovations will be from concept to delivery with practicability thrown in for measure

You may want to learn about new uses of drones here

How about getting yourself a Drone Franchise

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