Iskandar Malaysia Flagships
Iskandar Malaysia Flagships


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Why do they have flagships?

The size of Iskandar Malaysia covers 2,217 sq. km. Put it in perspectives, it is roughly 3 times the size of its neighbour Singapore. As Iskandar Malaysia also includes previousely developed areas, and because of its size, it is necessary to divide it up into smaller parcels so that developments can be more focused. Basically, Iskandar Malaysia has 5 flagship areas, that is A (Johor Bahru), B (Nusajaya), C (Port of Tanjung Pelepas), D (Port of Pasir Gudang) and E (Senai Airport) and later on another two more areas to be added. As the different flagships have different structures, it is more appropriate to develop different industry clusters on it. Thus we have flagship A clustered with existing industries, flagship B with touristic industry, flagship C with oil industry, flagship D with light industry and flagship E with high technology.
For a better understanding of each of the flagships,
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