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Game of Drone Business - Global business revenue of US 356 million to tap. Would you want to miss this one in a century opportunity!? No you don't! Neither do we. Please read on....

First time in the world-Real time physical game played using radio control drones. Come and compete with the best drone pilots. Bountiful prizes for grabs. Best individual and best team.

battle of drones at danga bay

Drone Battle at Dangga Bay Iskandar Johor (star wars)

It has been accepted by strategist around the world that the future of aerial warfare belongs to the drones. It does not surprise one bit that every nation is drawn to upgrading their technologies to better manage this drone business, particularly in having a fighting force capable of using drones in warfare. Drones are now taking over our air spaces and soon it will not be a surprise if we see drones zipping around like how we see little birds darting over our heads. And at Johor Game of Drones, it is the bird's view that counts!

We have various types of game play at Johor Game of Drones. One of which is called "Kim Jong-un coming for your home" which is a game plan simulating the ever hungry notorious Korean leader coming to rob your piece of homeland! Another one is called "Battle of Marawi" which is a simulation game depicting the tense standoff between the Philippines Army and the Maute fighters in Marawi. There are also other game plays that are customized for the corporate clients using gamification techniques to foster corporate comradely. Since playing drones is the fastest growing hobby, do not hesitate for a moment to jump into the drone game.

And if you need to test your skills to the fullest, then try the "Battle of Britain" air to air shoot out!! You will have to be an extreme class drone pilot to win this one. One misstep will take you out of action! Now is the right moment.

the battle of drones at Iskandar Johor

The Johor Game of Drone format is the newest weaponry available on the market. The cost-well, is minuscule as far as the hardware is concern but the training cost will be immense. This is where you will start, train and more training in not just handling of drones, but also sharpening your skills in maneuvering armed drones in getting on to their targets, whatever that may be! Well, are you ready for the next paradigm shift in warfare? Well, don't hesitate anymore, you have been told. If you are like eighty percent of working people who are fed up with their career, then Read BBC special report to look for your next career

using fpv to view flying drone
Learn new skills. Drone Shooting! Piloting your drone in battlefield scenarios!

Main idea behind the Johor Drone outdoor game is to bring our youths to go outdoor activities as an alternative to staying indoors playing their computer games. We all know that we lack that vitamin D because we are cocooned in the house playing virtual games. Johor Game of Drones is the answer that we all have been looking forward to. Yes, play all you want, come out and interact with your fellow pals, sweat it out and soak in the sun!

Get the real thrill of shooting down your enemy drone. First time ever in the world. Designed, patented and brought to you by the innovative guys at Iskandar Project. This is the first crowd-sourced participatory real war game in the world! You as a drone enthusiast, programmer, game strategist, engineer, structural designer, telemetry engineer or just a stakeholder may want to register your interest in this first ever premier event in the world!! No matter how small your contribution may be, you will find your name in this hall of fame, the first and only event that can metamorphose into something that we don't even know of. Also welcome will be sponsors for the game. May the force be with you. Register your interest now before the crowd swells at Email Us

Successfully Field Tested of mock-up at MMU Melaka Campus. System co-designed in co-operation with Department of Electronics from Multi Media University.

Battle of the Attacking Eagle Drone-upcoming game (not a virtual game).

battle of the attacking eagle drone

First time in the world. Battle of the Eagle Drones-drones dressed in Eagle outfit with real flapping wings on the attack. Eagles have real working claws to snatch away preys! Played with smaller bird drones that also have flapping wings and the chase is on. Big eagle drone comes with articulated claws that can catch and immobilize smaller bird drones. Hell, run for your life, smaller bird drones!! The Game which is the first of its kind in the world is coming soon to Iskandar.

Eagles War

Eagle Drone is a newly designed robot that flies like a bird and it is the next iteration of drones as we know of. Unlike ordinary drones, Eagle Drone does not have any motor onboard as it runs on sheer muscles! When yu play it you will need to think like an Eagle! Be mesmerized by the game play as it brings new excitement in real game play and you will need a slew of new skills to maneuver the birds. Eagles have to fight to survive just like in the wild. Watch this space!!

Also coming to Iskandar is the Shark Tank game where you can get to play game with a robotic shark! The robotic shark is made with the most advance robotic technology, showcasing life-like shark movements propelled with advance synthetic muscles. Robotic shark also have flexible skins that helps it to swim fast. So when the shark come attacking, you will need to maneuver the smaller robotic fishes to escape path. You may also want to swim in the tank and swim away from the attacking shark! Don't worry, if the shark were to bite you, it won't be painful as the robotic shark only have soft rubber teeth! Its sure to be thrilling. First of the type of game in the world! Watch this space to see when it is launched.

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