Next Generation Drones

New designs to cater to new uses

saucer shaped drones

Project JD004n

JD004n is the next generation drone designed to cater to new uses. The propulsion system is air injection and non-electrical. Designed to stay in the air for 30 minutes in the smallest sized drone. With the capability to extend to forty minutes flying time with fuel saving gadgets and aerodynamic shapes to cut down air resistance.

Operation duties include stealth attack with speeds of 100 mph. Capable of being armed and guided by lasers to reach target. Framework made of advance light but strong materials and embeded with a stealth material to evade electronic wave detection. Also armed with syncronising AI software for swam attacks and autonomous delivery. Self destruct upon impact or being captured by nettings.

Many more varieties are on the table as well, with cutting edge designs that are not seen before.

JD005s is another of the project by IskandarProject. Eagle drones that fly like an eagle. Powered by synthetic muscles, the eagle drone is capable of a longer range of flying as well as being very agile.

Eagle Drone War

World's first aerial/underwater discovery probe designed by IskandarProject that might have military usage. An underwater drone that is also capable of flying in the air! Request for more info at

stealth drone

According to the US Airforce Chief Scientist predictions, future drones will have stealth and armed for missions. You may take a look at his predictions here