Johor Trade Directory

Trade Directory for Iskandar Malaysia


Directory of company listings, sellers of products and services from the Iskandar Malaysia Project

The Iskandar Project is for anyone with a physical address and conducting business in Iskandar Malaysia Johor(which also include the municipality of Johor Bahru) and if you are thinking of making your presence in the Iskandar Region known, you might wish to advertise your services on this website? Buyers will be able to find you here from anywhere in the world, especially those who are already in the Iskandar Region and we will lead them right to your doorstep! Email us for an 'early bird' very affordable pricing at


Personal And Entertainment


Autos & Mechanical workshops

Arts and Antiques


Bags, Baggages and Suitcases

Bills & JPJ services

Books and Magazines

Cleaning Services

Clinics & Materinities

Clocks & Watches

Clothings & Accessories

Cosmetics, Toiletries & Health Products

Educational Institutions

Electricals & Electronics


Employ Workers

Fire Exthinguishers & Anti-Fire systems

Footwears and shoes

Fotune Tellers & Geomancers

Handicrafts, Gifts & Decoratives

Hair Salons

House repairs & Renovations

Personal wills & Health Insurance

Jewellry & Gems

Leather & Leather Products

Lingeries & Bra

Missing persons, pets and articles

Music & Instruments

Markets & Mini-markets

Optics & Opticians

Pets & Pet products

Photographics & Cameras




Sports & Fitness Equipments

Slimming Gyms


Textiles, Garments & Fashion Accessories

Tyres & Batteries

Weddings & Arrangements

Cars and Trucks

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Accounting Services


Automation Machinery


Electrics & Alternative Power Supplies

Industrial goods & supplies

Coatings, Paints & Varnish

Industrial Machinery & Plants

Marine equipment & machinery

Metal & Metal products


Metal & Plastic scraps

Non Metals & Elements

Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners

Packagings & Printing Materials

Paper Products

Edible oil & Oil products

Plastics & Rubber

Power Plants Gen Sets

Tools & Instruments

Transportation & Components

Weights & Calibration equipment

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Construction, Households & Furnishings


Cooling & Heating

Carpets & Soft furnishings

Contractors and Renovators

Construction Machinery & Equipment

Furnitures & Cabinets

Glass panels, Wares & Ceramics

Households & General Merchandise

Lorry & Transports

Binding & Strapping Materials

Wood & Paneling Materials

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Computers, Electronics & Communications


Computers, Hardware & Software

Cameras & Video Services

Computer Software Services

Electronics & Repairs

Electrical Wiring, LEDS & General lighting

Office equipment and Stationery

Electrical Gadgets

Mobiles & Wireless Services

Website Creations & Website Optimization Services

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Agriculture & Food


Agricultural Greenhouse

Fertilizers & Pesticides

Fish & Sea Products

Flowers, Florist & Plants

Grains & Vegetables

Livestocks, Meat & Animal Products

Food additives & Fragrances

Health Supplements

Herbs & Alternative Medicines

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Business Incubator Services

Geomancies and Fortune telling

Hotels & Motels

House & Office Rentals

Equipment Rentals

Security Guards & Equipment

Wills & Legal documents

Services Wanted

Msc Status Application

Innovative Green-technology Engineering Methodologies

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