BioXCell at Iskandar Malaysia

bio-xcell cluster

Divesting into new technology? Here is a chance to get into producing colloidal syntheses of FePt nanomaterials for biomedical sector. Mail Us

Disposable sensors for analysis and diagnosis-new patents for licensing. Call us for more information


Bio-XCell is the newest biotechnology hub in South East Asia

Built from the ground up, Bio-XCell offers you a dedicated home for your productions. It offers you ready built factories for leasing and it also offers you lab facilities if you need to do research. The Bio-XCell clusters of factory space have built-in centralised hot gases and toxic material discharges for your convenience.

Sited in the new enclave of Iskandar Malaysia, it offers you a spelndid place to work and play. And if you want to take root here, you will find comfortable accomodations built for wonderful lifestyles. Green spaces are plenty and there are no conjestions so you will be inspired to perform your very best.


metabolic explorer

Already, two of the biggest biotechnology companies, Biocon and Metabolic Explorer have invested in facilities in Bio-XCell. Stelis Biopharma has also set up shop here. Would you want to be a part of this ausome place?

Maybe you have some big ideas. Why don't you give us a call and see whether we can cook up something for you. Email Us now and let us know what are your thoughts